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Enter if you dare-- Wait, you already have? Well then, that makes things a lot easier!

Velcome to ze Hallowveen voom! Where bats fly, ghosts roam, skeletons hide, and witches brew their potions! Mwa ha ha ha ha!

The contents of this room are sure to spook you silly! Here you will find terrifying movies, eerie music, scary books, and ooky computer games... Whatever that means! Hopefully they will bring you back into the spirit of Halloween, regardless of the time of year!

Important note: Everything here is without cost! You may also freely share it with your friends if you so please!


An old Jack O' Lantern

Bring forth the raisins and the nuts—
To-night All-Hallows' Spectre struts
Along the moonlit way.
No time is this for tear or sob,
Or other woes our joys to rob,
But time for Pippin and for Bob,
And Jack-o'-lantern gay.

The air resounds with tuneful notes
From myriads of straining throats,
All hailing Folly Queen;
So join the swelling choral throng,
Forget your sorrow and your wrong,
In one glad hour of joyous song
To honor Hallowe'en.

J. K. Bangs in Harper's Weekly, Nov. 5, 1910



Some of the greatest films ever made are in the Public Domain. These videos were chosen by Uncle Plucky either for being great films or generally fun to watch!

    Horror Films
  1. Night of the Living Dead [W]
  2. Carnival of Souls [W]
  3. The House on Haunted Hill [W]
  4. Thomas Edison's "Frankenstein" [W]
  5. Little Shop of Horrors (1960) [W]


Mash to the monster music! Groove to the ghoulish tunes!
You can listen to these right in your browser, or alternatively use the link above the players to download them!

    Uncle Plucky recommends...
  1. With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm!
  2. Strange Enchantment
  3. Dry Bones
  4. The Boogieman / I'm A Ghost!
  5. Gloomy Sunday


Please take note, all of these games run in "DOSBox", which can be found in the software section.

    Uncle Plucky recommends...


Thanks to advances in technology, you don't even need to read these by a lit candle. Though it does help!

    Uncle Plucky recommends...


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